-37% Segbeauty 160ml Ultra Fine Mist 360° Continuous Sprayer For Hair-caring and Makeup Spray Bottle

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Product Features
1. Ultra fine mist spray pattern distributes water evenly - it provides the right amount of water to mildly saturate the hair without getting gunk like the old kinds, refreshing curls or taming a bed-head in the mornings.
2. Continuous Spray - Produces an a stream of sustained mist that lasts a few seconds, allowing large areas to be covered quickly and easily. Besides, the ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional trigger and finger tip sprayers.
3. 360°Spraying Option - you can even spray with the bottle upside down without leakage or loss of prime, thus all areas can be reached.
4. Airless - No contamination - long shelf life - not any odor with the bottle if not being used in a few days.  
5. 99% Bottle Evacuation - keeps spraying until the water is gone - fixed volume provides 1.25CC per spray consistently from the first to last drop.

Product Specifications
• Material: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
• Color: White/Black/Stripe/Barber
• Unit Size: 7.8 × 2.1inches (198 × 53mm)
• Weight: 3.4oz (99g)
• Volume: 160ml
• Spray duration: 1.2 seconds per compression or even lasts for 5 seconds if pressing it longer.
• Operation: No pumping required, just press trigger and get a nice steady stream spray.
• The continuous spray is fun and adds a type of elegance that normal spray bottles just simply don't have.

1. Re-wet hair in the morning to restyle and freshen up curls.
2. Help tame toddler bed-head in the mornings.
3. On non-hair wash days. Just spritz and fluff up again with a hair dryer.
4. Especially with it being summer this is the perfect to cool down yourself.
5. Also perfectly showering your pets or birds who enjoy fine mist baths, or for spraying house plant, which would not drown or spray water too heavily on the leaves and stems, even for misting clothes while ironing and cleaning house from dust too.

• Please just fill water inside, do not fill with oil or something else, otherwise the nozzle would get clogged.
• Please empty the bottle first if bring this sprayer on travel.

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Segbeauty 160ml Ultra Fine Mist 360° Continuous Sprayer For Hair-caring and Makeup Spray Bottle

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